How long can human embryos stay frozen?

On Oct. 26, a healthy baby girl was born from an embryo that had been frozen for 27 years, a possible record for the longest a human embryo has stayed frozen before being born, according to recent news reports. Molly Everette Gibson was born from an embryo frozen in 1992 and stored in a cryogenic […]

3D cell culturing technique could replace mouse embryos — ScienceDaily

By growing mouse stem cells in a special gel, a Berlin research team succeeded to grow structures similar to parts of an embryo. The trunk-like structures develop the precursors for neural, bone, cartilage and muscle tissues from cellular clumps within five days. This could allow the investigation of the effects of pharmacological agents more effectively […]

Glowing brains, fish embryos and a snail tongue taste success in microscopy photo contest

A vibrant, blue-and-orange hued photo highlighting the tiny vessels in and around the brain of a young zebrafish won first place in the Nikon Small World photography contest, an annual competition showcasing photos of our world at the microscopic level, Nikon representatives announced today (Oct. 13). In this jaw-dropping image, lymphatic vessels in the fish’s […]