Researchers offer approaches for the sustainable expansion of the U.S. seafood industry

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The “Executive Order on Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth,” issued by the Trump administration in May 2020, lays out a plan to expand the U.S. seafood industry, especially aquaculture, and enhance American seafood competitiveness in the global market. The goals of the directive are focused largely on growth and […]

Study finds large-scale expansion of stem rust resistance gene in barley and oat lineages

Asyraf Hatta (top left) and corresponding authors – Guru Radhakrishnan (top right), Sambasivam Periyannan (bottom right) and Brande Wulff (bottom left)). Credit: John Innes Centre Stem rust is one of the most devastating fungal diseases of wheat and historically has caused dramatic, widespread crop failures resulting in significant yield losses around the world. Stem rust […]

Increased early-stage cancer diagnoses tied to ACA’s Medicaid expansion, Pitt study finds

IMAGE: Assistant professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health view more  Credit: University of Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH, Nov. 12, 2020 – In an analysis published today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health demonstrate positive effects of the […]

Two-birds-one-stone strategy shows promise in RNA-repeat expansion diseases

Alicia Angelbello and Matthew Disney, PhD, in the Disney lab on Scripps Research’s Jupiter, Florida, campus. Credit: The Scripps Research Institute A new strategy for treating a variety of diseases known as RNA-repeat expansion disorders, which affect millions of people, has shown promise in proof-of-principle tests conducted by scientists at Scripps Research. The results suggest […]

Specific and rapid expansion of blood vessels

IMAGE: (A,B) in vivo image of growing artery (yellow arrowhead) in control scenario (A) and upon growth factor stimulation (B). (C,D) Confocal image of arterial blood flow (red) and arterial endothelial… view more  Credit: ZOO, KIT Upon a heart infarct or stroke, rapid restoration of blood flow, and oxygen delivery to the hypo perfused regions is […]