We hear what we expect to hear

IMAGE: Axial view of the brain (from the top) including the inferior colliculus and medial geniculate body. The colour represents how well the data fits the hypotheses 1) that the brain… view more  Credit: CC-BY-4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Humans depend on their senses to perceive the world, themselves and each other. Despite senses being the only window to […]

We hear what we expect to hear — ScienceDaily

Humans depend on their senses to perceive the world, themselves and each other. Despite senses being the only window to the outside world, people do rarely question how faithfully they represent the external physical reality. During the last 20 years, neuroscience research has revealed that the cerebral cortex constantly generates predictions on what will happen […]

Public health officials expect COVID-19 cases to spike like never before

On Sunday, a number of leading infectious disease and public health experts warned Americans that there could be another surge in cases brought on by Thanksgiving travel. (Pixabay/) Despite coronavirus cases surging in most of the country, and the Centers for Disease Control’s plea last week to forgo traveling this past holiday weekend, more than […]

Study shows mindfulness might not work as you expect — ScienceDaily

If dispositional mindfulness can teach us anything about how we react to stress, it might be an unexpected lesson on its ineffectiveness at managing stress as it’s happening, according to new research from the University at Buffalo. When the goal is “not to sweat the small stuff,” mindfulness appears to offer little toward achieving that […]

Don’t expect instant election results. Here’s how to follow the facts.

Patience is the name of the game. (Jon Sailer/Unsplash/) <<< More Election 2020 coverage right this way. >>> This is the best election story you’ll ever read. OK, wow, bold statement from the author. It may very well be, but you, the reader, can’t determine its quality until you’ve read it—at least most of it. […]

Expect more mega-droughts — ScienceDaily

Mega-droughts — droughts that last two decades or longer — are tipped to increase thanks to climate change, according to University of Queensland-led research. UQ’s Professor Hamish McGowan said the findings suggested climate change would lead to increased water scarcity, reduced winter snow cover, more frequent bushfires and wind erosion. The revelation came after an […]

The 2022 GMC electric Hummer looks a lot different than you might expect

The first Edition 1 model debuts next year with three motors and serious off-road chops. (GMC /) Electric pickup trucks still haven’t quite arrived. Some models are waiting in the wings with lots of hype, including Tesla’s Cyber Truck, as well as other models from upstarts like Bollinger and Rivian. The latest EV pickup to […]