Tasmanian tiger pups found to be extraordinary similar to wolf pups — ScienceDaily

Micro-CT scanning and digital reconstructions have been used to compare the skulls of the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) and wolf across their early development and into adulthood, establishing that not only did the thylacine resemble the wolf as adults, but also as newborns and juveniles. “Remarkably, the Tasmanian tiger pups were more similar to wolf pups […]

Chandra observations reveal extraordinary magnetar

This image contains an exceptional magnetar, a type of neutron star with very powerfulmagnetic fields. Astronomers have found evidence that this object may be the youngest knownmagnetar (about 500 years old in Earth’s timeframe). It is also the fastest rotating one yet discovered(spinning about 1.4 times per second). This image shows the magnetar in X-rays […]

Chandra X-ray Observatory studies extraordinary magnetar — ScienceDaily

In 2020, astronomers added a new member to an exclusive family of exotic objects with the discovery of a magnetar. New observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory help support the idea that it is also a pulsar, meaning it emits regular pulses of light. Magnetars are a type of neutron star, an incredibly dense object […]

An Extraordinary Winter in the Polar North

The winter of 2019–2020 in the Northern Hemisphere was one of extremes. The massive region of cold polar air encircled by stratospheric winds, known as the stratospheric polar vortex, was particularly strong, keeping the frigid air whirling above the polar region and leading to a very mild winter in many regions farther south. […]