Stash of late medieval gold coins discovered on a farm in Hungary

In the 16th century, an attack from the Ottoman Empire may have prompted panicked Hungarians to bury a stash of valuable silver and gold coins. Now, archaeologists have uncovered this buried treasure on a modern-day farm in Hungary. In 2019, archaeologists discovered 150 ancient coins in Újlengyel, a Hungarian village that’s about 31 miles (50 […]

Why We Need a Small Farm Future – Independent Science News

small farm in france

By Chris SmajeThe palm civet is a small omnivorous mammal of Indonesia and other parts of tropical Asia. Emerging from its forest home onto coffee plantations, it’s able to sense the finest coffee fruits of perfect ripeness. Eating them, it digests the pulp and excretes the beans, adding a musky scent to them from its […]

India’s capital chokes on ‘severe’ smog as farm fires soar

The worsening conditions came as Trump complained complained that action on climate change was unfair to the US New Delhi was blanketed in noxious haze Friday as air pollution levels in parts of the city soared to “severe” levels, hours after US President Donald Trump described the air in the vast nation as “filthy”. Smoke […]