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Over on there are a huge range of titles available for print or digital subscriptions, meaning you can get every issue straight to your tablet, cellphone or other smart device.  You can grab a print subscription to our best-selling magazines from just $3 for 3 issues — or if you prefer, get an entire […]

A plant's way to its favorite food

Nitrogen is one the most essential nutrients for plants. Its availability in the soil plays a major role in plant growth and development, thereby affecting agricultural productivity. Scientists at the IST Austria were now able to show, how plants adjust their root growth to varying sources of nitrogen. In a new study published in The […]

What is a fish’s favorite color?

That title sounds like the set up to a punchline, but actually it’s the set up for many experiments on fish that are commonly farmed in tanks. Many studies have found that some fish species grow better or stay healthier in different colors of tanks, but some species show no differences no matter which color […]

These are Science News’ favorite books of 2020

A good read became a cherished distraction this year as many of us stayed home more than ever during the pandemic. Biographies of scientific legends and lesser-known luminaries, tales of amazing animals and stories of exploration captivated Science News staff. Find in-depth reviews of our favorite books here. Galileo and the Science DeniersMario LivioSimon & […]

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Your favorite music can send your brain into a pleasure overload

We all know that moment when we’re in the car, at a concert or even sitting on our sofa and one of our favorite songs is played. It’s the one that has that really good chord in it, flooding your system with pleasurable emotions, joyful memories, making your hair stand on edge, and even sending […]

Floating shelves to display your favorite goods

Acrylic is having an interior design moment, largely because it’s sturdier and less fragile than glass as well as a cool style choice that fits a range of tastes. These shelves come in black, clear, or white, and they fit securely into any 90 degree wall corner with two metal brackets (which don’t rust). Despite […]

How to can your favorite foods without dying

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