No overall difference in concussion recovery time for male and female college athletes

Philadelphia, January 26, 2021 – Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the University of Pennsylvania found female and male collegiate athletes take approximately the same amount of time to recover from a concussion, with subtle differences in recovery time depending on the type of sports being played and the division level of the […]

Female Bengalese finches have lifelong preference for their father’s song to other birds’

IMAGE: Fig 3. Results of the preference test (vocal behavior). (a, d) Population mean of the frequency proportion plotted against age of testing (the number of individuals of each sex at each… view more  Credit: Fujii et al, PLOS ONE 2021 (CC-BY 4.0, Daddies’ girls? Female Bengalese finches prefer their father’s song to that of […]

Mexican farmers find rare female statue in citrus grove

In this Jan. 4, 2021 photo released by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology, known by its Spanish acronym INAH, the statue of a female figure unearthed in Hidalgo Amajac, is seen in nearby Alamo Temapache, Veracruz state, Mexico. Farmers digging in a citrus grove on New Year’s Day found the six-foot tall statue of a […]

Discovery of endangered female turtle provides hope for extremely rare species

 The world’s most endangered turtle species may now have a fighting chance, after a 3-foot-long (1 meter) female — a potential mate for the lone known male of the species — was discovered in Vietnam.  Researchers from the Asian Turtle Program (ATP) of Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) discovered the 182-pound […]

“Pink tax” hurts female consumers, but electing more women combats it

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The wage gap between men and women is no secret, but another form of gender discrimination directly and disproportionately affects women worldwide: the “pink tax” imposed by import tariffs that target female products. But new Rice University research concludes the “pink tax” is generally lower in countries where more women are […]

For female flies, mating requires the right musical backdrop

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study traces the neural circuit that makes a female fly receptive to a mating advance. The female fruit fly has discerning standards for her sexual partners: She’ll only signal that she’s ready to reproduce once a male fly has serenaded her with the proper courtship song. Now, new research […]

Study finds opposite-gender mentorships may be more beneficial to female researchers

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A new study by researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi examined data representing thousands of mentor-protégé relationships and found that mentorship quality predicted the scientific impact of the papers written by protégés—without their mentors—after their mentorship. Significantly, the researchers also found that increasing the proportion of female mentors was associated not only […]

A female hunter’s remains hint at more fluid gender roles in the early Americas

A number of researchers have speculated that some ancient societies might have had a more equal division of labor. (Credit: Matthew Verdolivo (UC Davis IET Academic Technology Services)/) Women in early hunter-gatherer groups regularly hunted big game alongside their male peers, indicates a study published on November 4 in the journal Science Advances. Researchers excavated […]

Ancient burial of fierce female hunter (and her weapons) discovered in Peru

Silently moving in the wilderness of the Andes mountains, ancient hunter-gatherers stalked a herd of vicuña. The hunters threw stone projectile points with ease, hitting some of the beasts and leading the rest to scatter. The vicuñas, wild ancestors of alpacas, fell and the skilled hunters — both females and males — went to examine […]

Female big-game hunters may have been common in ancient Americas

A woman buried with spearpoints and other hunting tools roughly 9,000 years ago in Peru’s Andes Mountains has reemerged to claim the title of the oldest known female big-game hunter in the Americas. Her discovery led researchers to conclude that, among ancient Americans, nearly as many females as males hunted large animals — a finding […]