Higher frequency of financial reporting hinders corporate innovation

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Company reporting frequency should be relaxed to allow for greater innovation and longer-term thinking, according to new research from the Business School (formerly Cass). The study, co-authored by Dr. Arthur Kraft, Reader in Accounting, found that managers are forced to focus on maximizing cursory gains at the expense of implementing long-term […]

Barriers to police investigations into widespread financial crime unveiled

A majority of police detectives in England and Wales investigating financial crime do not have sufficient knowledge to build a successful case. That’s the finding of new research from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, looking into why results of such investigations vary so widely, especially when the crimes account […]

Report shows climate change imperils the U.S. financial system

Burnt orange daytime skies signal that the consequences of climate change are already here. But while we tend to focus on the death and destruction resulting from the growing frequency and severity of wildfires and other disasters, we often pay less heed to the ways their costs ricochet through the financial system, with the potential […]