Dinosaur embryo find helps crack baby tyrannosaur mystery — ScienceDaily

They are among the largest predators ever to walk the Earth, but experts have discovered that some baby tyrannosaurs were only the size of a Border Collie dog when they took their first steps. The first-known fossils of tyrannosaur embryos have shed light on the early development of the colossal animals, which could grow to […]

Researchers find how cells move while avoiding adhesion

Cancer cells moving on glycoproteine strips: These strips act like splints, which allow to control and to study the movement of the cells better. Credit: Rädler Lab, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Cell velocity, or how fast a cell moves, is known to depend on how sticky the surface is beneath it, but the precise mechanisms […]

Researchers Find NTRK fusions more common than expected in pediatric tumors — ScienceDaily

In a large study of pediatric cancer patients, researchers from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have analyzed the frequency, fusion partners, and clinical outcome of neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase (NTRK) fusions, which are clinical biomarkers that identify patients suitable for treatment with FDA-approved TRK inhibitors. The researchers found that NTRK fusions are more common in […]

Engineers find a way to control chemical catalysts with sculpted light

Depiction of the experimental setup where palladium nanorods lie atop gold nanobars. In this image, an electron beam is directed at the sample to watch the catalytic interactions between the hydrogen molecules (in green) and the palladium catalyst. The light driving the illumination is shown in red. Credit: Katherine Sytwu Like a person breaking up […]

Metastable metallic nanoparticles could find use in electronics, optics

Rice University scientists extended their technique to produce graphene in a flash to tailor the properties of 2D dichalcogenides molybdenum disulfide and tungsten disulfide, quickly turning them into metastable metallics for electronic and optical applications. Credit: Tour Group/Rice University Rice University scientists have extended their technique to produce graphene in a flash to tailor the […]

Engineers find antioxidants improve nanoscale visualization of polymers — ScienceDaily

Reactive molecules, such as free radicals, can be produced in the body after exposure to certain environments or substances and go on to cause cell damage. Antioxidants can minimize this damage by interacting with the radicals before they affect cells. Led by Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering and materials science and engineering, Penn State […]

Mexican farmers find rare female statue in citrus grove

In this Jan. 4, 2021 photo released by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology, known by its Spanish acronym INAH, the statue of a female figure unearthed in Hidalgo Amajac, is seen in nearby Alamo Temapache, Veracruz state, Mexico. Farmers digging in a citrus grove on New Year’s Day found the six-foot tall statue of a […]