NASA will soon fire up the most powerful rocket ever built

NASA plans to ignite the most powerful rocket it’s ever built on Jan. 17 according to a statement from the agency. It will be the first firing of the Space Launch System (SLS), the long-awaited (and delayed) rocket ship that NASA plans to use for non-commercial human space flight. It’s the centerpiece of NASA’s Artemis […]

Australian ‘lives and homes’ at risk as fire nears Perth

Australian firefighters are battling an out-of-control bushfire that is threatening lives and homes in Perth An out-of-control bushfire threatened lives and homes in Australia’s west coast city of Perth Monday, with locals told to shelter in place from toxic fumes. Residents in several suburbs south of Perth have been warned to be on watch as […]

When Did Archaic Humans Control Fire?

Somewhere on the winding and much-forked road of human evolution, our ancestors began making fires and never looked back. Fire’s appeal wasn’t just about aesthetics, comfort, or even safety: Circumstantial evidence suggests that archaic humans’ ability to cook food and consume more calories may have played a pivotal role in the development of […]

Feedback Loops of Fire Activity and Climate Change in Canada

Wildfires burned more than 7,750 square kilometers of Alberta’s forests last year. New research indicates the conflagrations are part of a pattern showing increased average burned areas every year since 1970, and climate change is poised to accelerate this trend. Ellen Whitman, a forest fire research scientist from Natural Resources Canada, used historical […]

Thermal stability analysis technique for EV batteries to detect risk of fire or explosion

IMAGE: A graphical image depicting the role of an aluminum element that can reduce the risk of battery fires in NCA (nickel, cobalt, and aluminum), which is widely used as an… view more  Credit: Korea Institue of Science and Technology(KIST) Recently, there have been a number of electric vehicle (EV) battery fire incidents. Unlike the batteries […]

Australia bush fire rips through heritage-listed island

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said the fire was burning on two fronts Australian firefighters are struggling to control a massive bush fire that already destroyed 40 percent of the UNESCO world heritage-listed Fraser Island before a heatwave hit Monday. The fire on the world’s largest sand island, off Australia’s east coast, has been raging […]

Californians see power shutoffs as winds, fire danger rise

by Olga R. Rodriguez and Amy Taxin Hundreds of thousands of Californians lost power as utilities sought to prevent the chance of their equipment sparking wildfires and the fire-weary state braced for a new bout of dry, windy weather. More than 1 million people were expected be in the dark Monday during what officials have […]

Fire ants build little syphons out of sand to feed without drowning

The threat of death is no obstacle for some hungry fire ants. To escape drowning while feeding on sugary water, black imported fire ants built syphons out of sand that moved the water to a safer spot. A range of animals, including birds, dolphins, primates and even ants, use objects as tools (SN: 12/30/19; SN: […]

Fuels, not fire weather, control carbon emissions in boreal forest

IMAGE: Rockets represent carbon stored in wood, trees, and soil in four main boreal forest regions. Though fire weather helps “ignite ” the rockets, the amount of emissions each forest can produce… view more  Credit: Victor Leshyk, Center for Ecosystem Science and Society As climate warming stokes longer fire seasons and more severe fires in the […]