US fishing and seafood industries saw broad declines last summer due to COVID-19

Credit: NOAA Headquarters While losses vary by sector, by region and by industry, data and information from this report may help businesses and communities assess losses and inform long-term recovery and resilience strategies. According to analysts, COVID-19 protective measures instituted in March across the United States and globe contributed to an almost-immediate impact on seafood […]

The happiness and heartbreak of a daughter’s first fishing trip

Even at the earliest stages of her fishing life, the author’s daughter already looks like a natural. (Jonathon Klein/) This story originally featured on Field & Stream. We’re sitting at the dining room table as my mom recalls my love for fishing and when it started, as if I’d caught my first fish just moments […]

Satellite data identifies companies fishing in high seas

A team of researchers, using satellite data and other analytical tools, has identified companies fishing in high seas–waters that lie outside of national jurisdiction where fishing has raised fears about environmental and labor violations. The study, which appears in the journal One Earth, is the first to link companies to fishing activity in these largely […]

Fishing alters fish behaviour and features in exploited ecosystems

IMAGE: Labrus bergylta spotted morphotyp view more  Credit: Olga Reñones Not all specimens of the same species are the same: there is a marked variability within the same population and sometimes these morphological differences are translated into a different behaviour. A study by the UB shows that fishing alters resource distribution and therefore, the behaviour of […]

Chinese fishing fleets and COVID-19 threaten a natural wonder

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Just south of the Galapagos’ Marchena Island, there’s a dive spot known by locals as the “fish arena.” There, within the choppy, cool waters of the Pacific, thousands of colorful fish swim in schools, lobsters poke their long antennae out of rocky outcrops, dolphins bear their young, and moray eels gape […]