A New Era of Debris Flow Experiments in the Oregon Woods

Studying the physics of landslide initiation and the dynamics of debris flows is challenging, as these phenomena occur spontaneously, commonly in remote locations, and usually during inclement weather. Those who do this work trudge into the muck not only because the unpredictable natures of natural slope failures and landslide runouts are scientifically interesting […]

Researchers measure, model desalination membranes to maximize flow, clean more water

IMAGE: This 3D model of a polymer desalination membrane shows water flow — the silver channels, moving from top to bottom — avoiding dense spots in the membrane and slowing flow. view more  Credit: Image by the Ganapathysubramanian research group/Iowa State University and Gregory Foss/Texas Advanced Computing Center. AMES, Iowa – Nature has figured out how […]

Corn Syrup Reveals How Bubbles Affect Lava’s Flow

In the summer of 2018, an eruption on the flanks of the active volcano Kīlauea in Hawaii sent lava flowing through the Puna district toward Kapoho Bay. The relentless threat from wide channels of molten rock forced about 2,000 residents to evacuate. By the end of the eruption, 24 people were injured, 716 […]

Airless Exoplanet’s Mantle Could Flow in Halves

Forty-five light-years from Earth sits an exoplanet with no air: LHS 3844b. It orbits so close to its star that gravity keeps one half of the planet in daylight and casts the other side in permanent night. Last year, a team of astronomers found that the planet, slightly larger than Earth and probably […]

Research leads to better modeling of hypersonic flow — ScienceDaily

Hypersonic flight is conventionally referred to as the ability to fly at speeds significantly faster than the speed of sound and presents an extraordinary set of technical challenges. As an example, when a space capsule re-enters Earth’s atmosphere, it reaches hypersonic speeds — more than five times the speed of sound — and generates temperatures […]

Evaporation Reverses Groundwater Flow and Forms Hyper-Salinity

The exchange of fresh water between a river and its floodplain can be altered by evaporation by lowering the water table and by increasing salt concentration. The rate of evaporation is affected by atmospheric demand for water, which is anticipated to increase with climate warming. America et al. [2020] use a numerical modeling […]

Research leads to better modeling of hypersonic flow

In this figure, the rovibrational levels are represented as dots at their inner and outer turning points, and they are colored based on their vibrational quantum numbers. Credit: University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering Hypersonic flight is conventionally referred to as the ability to fly at speeds significantly faster than the speed of sound […]

Study shows minimal impact of APPs on ED productivity, flow, safety, patient experience

IMAGE: US national emergency medicine group: 13,024,216 visits, 105,863 emergency department days, 94 general emergency departments, and 19 states. view more  Credit: KIRSTY CHALLEN, B.SC., MBCHB, MRES, PH.D., LANCASHIRE TEACHING HOSPITALS, UNITED KINGDOM DES PLAINES, IL — Advanced practice providers (APPs) have lower productivity compared with emergency department physicians, seeing fewer and less complex patients and […]

Flow physics could help forecasters predict extreme events

Brian Elbing (left) holds a microphone with storm chaser Val Castor (right) in front of his storm chasing truck, in which the researchers mounted an infrasound sensor for monitoring tornadoes. Credit: Brian Elbing About 1,000 tornadoes strike the United States each year, causing billions of dollars in damage and killing about 60 people on average. […]

Mysterious ‘dark river’ may flow hundreds of miles beneath Greenland

A giant underground river fed by melting ice could be running in a state of perpetual darkness far below the surface of Greenland, according to new research. Nicknamed the ‘Dark River’, this hypothetical waterway – if it truly exists, that is – may stretch for 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), flowing from the deep interior of Greenland […]