RNA’s mysterious folding process — ScienceDaily

A new Northwestern University-led study is unfolding the mystery of how RNA molecules fold themselves to fit inside cells and perform specific functions. The findings could potentially break down a barrier to understanding and developing treatments for RNA-related diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy and perhaps even the novel coronavirus. “RNA folding is a dynamic process […]

DeepMind solves 50-year-old challenge in predicting protein folding

Image credit: Science Photo Library/Getty Images This week, the artificial intelligence (AI) program, AlphaFold, developed by Google’s DeepMind, has solved a decades-old problem in biology: determining a protein’s 3D structure based only on its amino acid sequence. The results were announced at the 14th Community Wide Experiment on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein […]

Folding proteins feel the heat, and cold

An illustration shows the dynamics of protein folding in a solution as previously understood and as revealed by new models developed at Rice University, Tulane University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Credit: Dilip Asthagiri It’s a long-standing assumption that the presence of water influences how proteins fold. A new study is challenging […]