The Influence of Tidal Forces Extends to the Arctic’s Deep Sea

From more than 384,000 kilometers away, the Moon’s gravity pulls at Earth and its oceans, even affecting activity hundreds of meters below the sea surface. Oceanographers know that tides can affect methane emissions that seep from the seafloor, and now a research team has shown this influence extends into the deep Arctic. Unexpected […]

Joining forces to build realistic living tissue

Hybridizing biofabrication processes will lead us to superior “living” tissue and organ substitutes that can be used to treat patients in lieu of donor grafts and metal and plastic devices. Donor tissues and organs are in limited supply. Waitlists, host immune responses, and biomechanical mismatches complicate the matter even more. But what if there was […]

Pandemic forces youth climate activists to save the planet on Zoom

Credit: CC0 Public Domain It was just a year ago when Kevin Patel stood before a cheering climate change rally in New York and proclaimed that his generation would be the one to change the fate of the planet. The 20-year-old South Los Angeles local was one of millions who had taken to the streets […]