Ecologically friendly agriculture doesn’t compromise crop yields — ScienceDaily

Increasing diversity in crop production benefits biodiversity without compromising crop yields, according to an international study comparing 42,000 examples of diversified and simplified agricultural practices. Diversification includes practices such as growing multiple crops in rotation, planting flower strips, reducing tillage, adding organic amendments that enrich soil life, and establishing or restoring species-rich habitat in the […]

Greening the Friendly Skies – Eos

The fight over Heathrow Airport’s third runway has been going on for decades. On the proposed site in a cluster of villages outside of London, residents fought the demolition of 750 properties and the addition of a lot more aircraft noise. Climate activists—some of whom went so far as to occupy one of […]

Reusable grocery bags aren’t as environmentally friendly as you might think

Plastic bags and other single-use plastics aren’t good for the environment, but they are only one component to sustainability. (Unsplash/) Single-use plastics, like plastic grocery bags, are often the poster child for waste. Despite this notoriety, these materials aren’t necessarily as wasteful as many consumers may think. According to a new study, there are a […]