How dietary choice influences lifespan in fruit flies

IMAGE: A fruit fly feeding on a banana view more  Credit: Sanjay Acharya (CC BY-SA 4.0 – Having a choice of foods may accelerate aging and shorten the lifespan of fruit flies, according to a study published today in the open-access eLife journal. While early experiments have shown that calorie restriction can extend lifespan, the current […]

Better diet and glucose uptake in the brain lead to longer life in fruit flies

IMAGE: Glucose uptake in brain neurons decreases with age (left), Increasing glucose uptake in brain neurons counteracts aging (middle), Increasing glucose uptake in brain neurons plus dietary restriction further extends lifespan… view more  Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered that fruit flies with genetic modifications to enhance glucose […]

Creating energy and valuable products from fruit waste

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Waste from the citrus industry can provide biogas and valuable products for a range of industries. This has been shown by Lukitawesa, who recently defended his doctoral thesis at the Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology at the University of Borås. Climate change has increased the need for resource recycling […]

Smart tablecloth can find fruit and help with watering the plants

IMAGE: The Capacitivo smart fabric can identify fruit and find lost objects. Overall, the system achieved a 94.5% accuracy in testing. view more  Credit: Figure courtesy of XDiscovery Lab. HANOVER, N.H. – October 29, 2020 – Researchers have designed a smart fabric that can detect non-metallic objects ranging from avocadoes to credit cards, according to a […]