Pandemic and forthcoming stimulus funds could bring climate targets in sight — or not

IMAGE: This is Dr. Yuli Shan, Faculty Research Fellow at ESRIG, the Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen. He is the first author… view more  Credit: ESRIG, University of Groningen. The lockdowns that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic have reduced greenhouse gas emissions. However, in the recovery phase, […]

Bank-affiliated funds contribute to funding their parent banks in times of crisis

A study published recently in the journal Review of Financial Studies by the researchers Javier Gil-Bazo, Sergio Mayordomo and Peter Hoffmann, shows clear evidence that in Spain, bank-affiliated funds provided funding support to their parent company via purchases of bonds in the primary market during the last crisis (2008-2012). Cost-benefit calculation by conglomerates The research […]