How will seafarers fare once automated ships take over? Scientists predict the future

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the world, one industry at a time! Whatever humans can do, machines are learning to also do effectively, with lower costs and fewer errors. The maritime shipping industry is no different. Ships are now increasingly automated (called maritime autonomous surface ships or MASSs), reducing the need for human input. […]

Placental function can illuminate future disease in adults and children

AURORA, Colo. (Jan. 22, 2021) – Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have discovered a direct association between placental function in pregnant women and future metabolic disorders in children and adults, a finding that could lead to earlier intervention and diagnosis of disease. “We’ve known for some time that many major diseases […]

These new flying taxis offer a glimpse at our future commutes

This aircraft from Joby will seat four passengers; Joby announced earlier this year that it is buying Uber Elevate. (Joby /) The annual Consumer Electronics Show is ground zero for showing off fancy new products and concepts that may or may not become a reality in your life in the near future. And nothing quite […]

Future too warm for baby sharks

In warmer waters, shark embryos grew faster and used their yolk sac quicker, which is their only source of food as they develop in the egg case. This led to them hatching earlier than usual. Credit: M. Johnson New research has found as climate change causes the world’s oceans to warm, baby sharks are born […]

What is direct heating and how does it impact our future?

In modern times, we are already seeing the effects of disease on our population through COVID-19. But what events could cause a global human extinction? What happens if human civilization continues business as usual? How many humans could feasibly be supported by the Earth, and at what cost? In 1975, scientist Sebastian Von Hoerner attempted […]

How future spacecraft might handle tricky landings on Venus or Europa

The best way to know a world is to touch it. Scientists have observed the planets and moons in our solar system for centuries, and have flown spacecraft past the orbs for decades. But to really understand these worlds, researchers need to get their hands dirty — or at least a spacecraft’s landing pads. Since […]

A future of fewer Christmas trees and other conifers — ScienceDaily

In the aftermath of megafires that devastated forests of the western United States, attention turns to whether forests will regenerate on their own or not. Forest managers can now look to a newly enhanced, predictive mapping tool to learn where forests are likely to regenerate on their own and where replanting efforts may be beneficial. […]

Error correction means California’s future wetter winters may never come — ScienceDaily

California and other areas of the U.S. Southwest may see less future winter precipitation than previously projected by climate models. After probing a persistent error in widely used models, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory estimate that California will likely experience drier winters in the future than projected by some climate […]

Fan mussel larval dispersal for the future of an endangered species

IMAGE: Protecting the marine areas that distribute larvae will be decisive for the future of the species in the Mediterranean. view more  Credit: Diego Kersting (UB-IRBio) Fan mussel populations -the biggest bivalve mussel in the Mediterranean- are endangered due to the severe parasitosis caused by the protozoan Haplospridium pinnae since 2016. Now, a study published in […]