Our galaxy’s supermassive black hole is closer to Earth than we thought

The supermassive black hole hiding in the center of our galaxy is much closer to Earth, about 2,000 light-years closer, than scientists thought, according to new research out of Japan.  Not only that but our solar system is moving faster than thought as it orbits this galactic center.  All this doesn’t mean you need to […]

Two strange blobs of X-ray energy are swirling out of the galaxy’s center

Millions of years ago, a powerful explosion shook the center of the Milky Way, sending twin shock waves blasting across the sky. Those waves bulldozed through the galaxy, heating up all the gas and dust in their path and leaving two telltale blobs of hot, highly energized gamma-rays in their wake. Today, those blobs — […]

Mystery of galaxy’s missing dark matter solved. (And it involves a thief.)

A small, mysterious galaxy 44 million light-years away is finally yielding up its secrets. Revealed last year to have a shockingly low amount of dark matter, the galaxy NGC 1052-DF4 posed a significant challenge to our models of galaxy formation. Those models yet live another day. According to new research, NGC 1052-DF4 is indeed lacking […]

Galaxy’s brightest gamma-ray binary system may be powered by a magnetar

An impression of the gamma-ray binary system LS 5039. A neutron star (left) and its massive, companion star (right). The research team suggests that the neutron star at the heart of LS 5039 has an ultra-strong magnetic field, and is arguably a magnetar. The field accelerates high-energy particles inside the bow-shaped region, thereby emitting gamma-rays […]