Catan board game is 55% off this Black Friday

Two renowned strategy games, Catan and Ticket to Ride are among the most successful board games in the world, and right now on Amazon you can pick up each of them with a huge 55% off the usual price! This saves you over $30 for each game. Don’t be too slow however, as these deals […]

New migration maps serve as tools to help big game in West

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The life-or-death journey made by mule deer during the second-longest big game migration in North America came down to their ability to squeeze through a fence—a discovery made by scientists using wildlife GPS tracking techniques to map animal migrations in the West in unprecedented detail. The resulting atlas of migration corridors […]

Pandemic: Legacy the board game is 38% off this Black Friday

The world has (understandably) become increasingly interested in epidemiology and the history of pandemics this year. With a lot of us stuck inside more than usual, it’s also no surprise that households are spending their time with board games.  This has all led to the popularity of games like Pandemic: Legacy (Season One) the board […]

Best Black Friday board game deals for kids who love science

Research has shown that play is not just an big part of a child’s development but also their education. Simple yet creative STEM toys such as building blocks are ideal for early development, but for older children (ages 8 and up), more complex games that require following rules, counting spaces and reading playing cards are […]

Secrets behind ‘Game of Thrones’ unveiled by data science and network theory

What are the secrets behind one of the most successful fantasy series of all time? How has a story as complex as “Game of Thrones” enthralled the world and how does it compare to other narratives? Researchers from five universities across the UK and Ireland came together to unravel “A Song of Ice and Fire”, […]

New non-allergenic, anti-inflammatory fragrance can be game changer for dry skin sufferers

LUGANO, 31 October, 2020 – Researchers have developed a novel allergen-depleted and anti-inflammatory fragrance that can be used in moisturisers for people with extremely dry, xerotic skin. Beiersdorf researchers in Germany report the results of two tests proving the fragrance is anti-inflammatory at today’s 29th EADV Congress, EADV Virtual. Tests on skin cells found that […]

Player behavior in the online game EVE Online may reflect real world country

In-game country profiles are generated by combining several measures of in-game socioeconomic behavior of players. Upon clustering the countries in groups with highly similar profile, one finds clusters that reflect real-world geography. Credit: Belaza et al, PLOS ONE, 2020 Virtual worlds may reflect social and economic behavior in the real world, according to a study […]

Management of a popular game fish, the smallmouth bass — ScienceDaily

For recreational fishing enthusiasts, the thrill of snagging their next catch comes with discovering what’s hooked on the end of the line. In many freshwater streams and rivers — across the central and eastern parts of the U.S. — anglers are often catching a popular freshwater game fish: the smallmouth bass. Now, scientists have discovered […]

Hockey game turned into COVID-19 superspreader event

A recreational ice hockey game in Florida turned into a “superspreader” event when 14 out of 22 players developed COVID-19 after the game, including players on both teams, according to a new report. The report, published Thursday (Oct. 15) in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, highlights the […]