High genomic variability predicts success in desert tortoise refugees; could inform conservation

Tortoise refugees with the highest genetic variation are far more likely to survive conservation translocation than tortoises whose genetic diversity is lower, according to a new study. The findings suggest that translocation efforts should account for genetic variation when selecting target individuals rather than focusing solely on those determined to be most geographically or genetically […]

Genomic data ‘catches corals in the act’ of speciation and adaptation

A) Porites lobata (yellow massive morphology) shown next to Porites compressa (blue-grey branching morphology) side by sidein the same habitat; (B) example of variation in bleaching susceptibility of P. compressa in Kāne’ohe Bay. Credit: Forsman, et al. (2020) A new study led by the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) […]