Japanese spacecraft’s gifts: Asteroid chips like charcoal

This photo provided Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020, by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), shows soil samples, seen inside the A compartment of the capsule brought back by Hayabusa2, in Sagamihara, near Tokyo. Japanese space officials said Thursday they found more asteroid soil samples collected and brought back from the Hayabusa2 spacecraft, in addition to […]

Gifts that every car owner should have

These items can make your ride feel complete. (tytbil88 / Deposit Photos/) A new set of wheels perfectly captures the American ideals of freedom, independence, and capitalism. Less sexy and thrilling—though still important—are the little gadgets that can make the vehicle even more practical. If you know someone who bought a car during the pandemic, […]

Gifts to turn any coffee-lover’s kitchen into a cafe

Some say coffee tastes even better if you make it yourself. (Jeremy Ricketts/Unsplash/) It’s hard not to love local coffee shops. They’re often run by members of your community, and they’re a great place to hang out, catch up, or get work done (in non-pandemic times, at least). Each one also has a unique menu […]

7 gifts to take the stress out of stress-cleaning

Tidy up your whole dang life. (Amazon/PopSci/) We all cope with stress in different ways—especially in a pandemic, when many of us are spending more time cooped up inside than we’d like. I personally find solace in meticulously and vigorously cleaning up my living space. It keeps my hands busy, my home organized, and my […]

Gifts for the most stressed out people you know

Keep calm and carry on. (Medcline/PopSci/) You probably know more than a few people whose stress levels are running a little high right now. While there’s no gift that can truly combat the existential terror of 2020, these products can at least take the edge off. Here are a few presents to help your favorite […]

Gifts to help your friends keep their new plants alive

Nothing cuter than leafy babies. (Markus Spiske / Unplash/) It started with a harmless cactus. It continued with a succulent or two. Before you knew it, your friends’ walls were covered in vines, and they were asking you where might be the best spot for a monstera. If your friends have recently opted to find […]

Go camping in style and comfort with these gifts

Being outdoors is great as long as you’re dry, warm, and caffeinated. (Peter Thomas via Unsplashed /) Spending the night outside is fun. But doing it as comfortably and stylishly as possible is even better. For the outdoorsy person who still has their limits, car camping is a great way to get the best of […]

Gifts that make video calls look and feel more glamorous

Whether you want to share a mic or keep it to yourself, you’ll need the right sound equipment. (Andrew Lozovyi/Deposit Photos/) Last year, when the holidays rolled around, we had no idea how important video chatting was about to become. Now, it’s common to spend large chunks of our days and nights gabbing at a […]

10 TikTok-inspired gifts to help your friends follow trends

You only need one key ingredient to ride that whipped-coffee train. (Sheryak Singh/Unsplash/) With its green screens, choreo, and ample pet content, TikTok has been one of the best distractions this year. The app, which hit 100 million US users during the pandemic, keeps churning out video hits, left and right. And while we have […]

Nine gifts to get your friends into gaming

Look out for that gokoblin! (Afif Kusuma/Unsplash/) If you’re into video games like I am, you know the struggle—there are always those friends that look at you funny when you bring up a difficult “Bloodborne” boss or try explaining the “Legend of Zelda” timeline. We know they’re missing out on masterful storytelling, adrenaline rushes, breathtaking […]