Gifts for runners braving the cold

Whether you’re on a woodland trail or a city street, some specialized running gear will make the winter workouts feel more comfortable. (Madara Parma/Unsplash/) Running seems simple enough: Put one foot in front of the other in a semi-speedy fashion. In fact, as gyms have been mostly shut down this year because of the ongoing […]

Thoughtful gifts for someone in grief

Certain objects and experiences can help with the grieving process. (PopSci/) There’s a gift for every occasion, even somber ones like death. But when it comes to shopping for a person who’s grappling with a recent loss, your gut might tell you to buy something that helps them forget the pain. That isn’t necessary, says […]

Glide into a new roller skater’s heart with these cool gifts

Let’s get rolling. (PopSci/) Roller skating never stopped being cool, but this year the sport has picked up legions of new fans. And why not? It’s an outdoor activity in a time when socializing indoors is dangerous, it’s perfectly suited for making viral videos on Instagram or TikTok, and it makes you look really cool […]

The best science kit gifts for kids

If you’ve got a little scientist on your hands, look no further for the best science kits this holiday season. Live Science has gathered a group of the most incredible science kits you can buy right now. Is your kid fascinated by the weather? There’s a science kit for that. Do they want to know […]

Gifts for people with terrible quarantine hair

It’s ok. Hair grows back. (Lewis Parsons / Unsplash/) One thing we can all agree on is that this year has been strange. And in trying to cope while riding the emotional rollercoaster of the COVID-19 pandemic (not to mention the 2020 election), some of us have made some mistakes. Many of those mistakes have […]

The best gifts for science nerds and geeks

What’s the perfect gift for your favorite science geek? Do they need a levitating moon lamp? A galaxy blanket? Maybe a bracelet of the periodic table? And don’t forget that fashionable nerds can never have too many science themed socks or t-shirts. Disney+ would be a great gift for that person who seems to have […]

Gifts for people who are learning how to cook

Even the basics make a huge difference. (Deposit /) If you’ve started learning how to cook, it can be hard to venture far from just boiling pasta every night and dousing it with sauce. And while that’s totally delicious, getting creative with your dishes is never a bad thing. After all, with more time in […]

Nine kitchen gifts that do one thing really well

This $7 device will improve all of your baking and cooking. (Amazon/) A toaster only toasts, so technically it’s a single-use gadget. But that’s not the point. Sometimes you just need a contraption that will quickly turn limp pieces of bread into crunchy, warm slices of perfection. And that’s the spirit of one-purpose items: They […]

Why experiences are better gifts for older children — ScienceDaily

What should we get for our kids this holiday? As children get older, giving them something they can experience (live through) instead of material things makes them happier, according to new research led by Lan Nguyen Chaplin, associate professor of marketing at the University of Illinois Chicago. The research, published in the International Journal of […]

Gifts to make eating at home feel like dining out

Dining in doesn’t have to be so drab. (Jessica FadelUnsplash/) In these humdrum at-home pandemic days, scarfing out of a pizza box or slurping wonton soup from a plastic container is the closest most of us get to a safe restaurant experience. But sometimes you need to spruce things up. Dressing up the table, stretching […]