5 graphs that show how bad COVID-19 is in LA County

Los Angeles is experiencing dark days. (Pixabay/) Last summer, California was a model for how to handle the pandemic. Despite its large population, it managed to keep cases much lower than did East Coast states. But in 2021, Los Angeles is the face of COVID in the US. Los Angeles County has now topped one […]

These 6 graphs show that Black scientists are underrepresented at every level

Nationwide protests in response to the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other unarmed Black men and women in the first part of 2020 inspired calls to action within academia’s ivory tower. Social media movements such as #BlackInSTEM brought attention to discrimination faced by Black students and professionals throughout the science, technology, engineering […]

The current state of the pandemic in 5 graphs

We could be in for a tough winter. (Infographic by Sara Chodosh/) Approximately one eternity ago in April 2020, experts thought we’d see 100,000 to 200,000 COVID deaths. It’s now October, cases are rising yet again, and the Centers for Disease Control recently estimated that we’re at around 285,000 deaths from both direct and indirect […]