Eating omega-3 fat helps hibernating Arctic ground squirrels warm up during deep cold

Two wild arctic ground squirrels touch noses in the northern Brooks Range during summer. Credit: Rhiannan William By feeding arctic ground squirrels special diets, researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids, common in flax seed and fish oil, help keep the animals warmer in deep hibernation. A University of Alaska Fairbanks-led study fed ground squirrels […]

New computational method validates images without ‘ground truth’

Researchers from the McKelvey School of Engineering have developed a computational method that allows them to determine not if an entire imaging picture is accurate, but if any given point on the image is probable, based on the assumptions built into the model. Here, an image of an amyloid fibril before and after applying the […]

Building an Early-Career Researcher Community from the Ground Up

As researchers begin their careers, it is helpful for them to have a network of peers with whom they can collaborate and develop the direction of their future research. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has limited networking opportunities for such scientists. In response to these limitations, an international group of early-career scientists working within […]

Cyprus rocky testing ground for Mars

Planetologists and geologists arrived in Cyprus to test out the equipment in the Troodos mountains, which officials say has geological similarities with Mars International and Cypriot experts on Friday discussed a research project to test space equipment on the Mediterranean island before sending it to Mars to measure the age of its rocks, officials said. […]

How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Not far from Santa Catalina Island, in an ocean shared by divers and fishermen, kelp forests and whales, David Valentine decoded unusual signals underwater that gave him chills. The University of California, Santa Barbara scientist was supposed to be studying methane seeps that day, but with a deep-sea robot on loan […]

NASA supercomputing study breaks ground for tree mapping, carbon research

The team focused on the dryland regions of West Africa, including the arid south side of the Sahara Desert, stretching through the semi-arid Sahel Zone and into the humid sub-tropics. By studying a variety of landscapes from few trees to nearly forested conditions, the team trained their computing algorithms to recognize trees across diverse terrain […]

Supercomputing study breaks ground for tree mapping, carbon research — ScienceDaily

Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and international collaborators demonstrated a new method for mapping the location and size of trees growing outside of forests, discovering billions of trees in arid and semi-arid regions and laying the groundwork for more accurate global measurement of carbon storage on land. Using powerful supercomputers […]