Plastic waste forms huge, deadly masses in camel guts

Marcus Eriksen was studying plastic pollution in the Arabian Gulf when he met camel expert Ulrich Wernery. “[Ulrich] said, ‘You want to see plastic? Come with me.’ So we went deep into the desert,” Eriksen recalls. Before long, they spotted a camel skeleton and began to dig through sand and bones. “We unearthed this mass […]

Mars died billions of years ago and its guts are still spilling into space

Jezero Crater, the destination of the Perseverance rover, is one of many sites on Mars where ancient water flowed, suggesting that the planet once had a thicker atmosphere. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/JHU-APL/) The Red Planet is a dead planet, but it may not have always been that way. Rovers and satellites have found clear evidence that the dusty […]