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Hikers find ghostly ‘hair ice’ clinging to trees in an Irish forest

Hikers in Ireland were strolling among the frosty trees last week when they stumbled into what looked like an enchanted candy forest. White wisps of fluffy frost bloomed from tree branches like cotton candy, but the mysterious fluff disappeared with a single touch, the hikers tweeted. There’s no witchcraft afoot in the forest (and no, […]

Gifts for people with terrible quarantine hair

It’s ok. Hair grows back. (Lewis Parsons / Unsplash/) One thing we can all agree on is that this year has been strange. And in trying to cope while riding the emotional rollercoaster of the COVID-19 pandemic (not to mention the 2020 election), some of us have made some mistakes. Many of those mistakes have […]

Researchers develop a new way to create a spectrum of natural-looking hair colors

Researchers can achieve an arrange of colors by changing the concentration of melanin. Credit: Northwestern University We’ve long been warned of the risks of dyeing hair at home and in salons. Products used can cause allergies and skin irritation—an estimated 1% of people have an allergy to dye. Furthermore, repeated use of some dyes has […]

A study indicates that hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism

Hair follicle stem cells, which promote hair growth, can prolong their life by switching their metabolic state. In experiments conducted with mice, a research group active in Helsinki and Cologne, Germany, has demonstrated that a protein called Rictor holds a key role in the process. The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal. […]