A new orange and black bat species is always ready for Halloween

Orange and black bat species

Bats, better known for their mousy looks, can have a colorful side. A new species, discovered when two bats were caught at an abandoned miners’ tunnel in western Africa, sports showy swathes of orange fur. The new finds “are just gorgeous,” says mammalogist Nancy Simmons of the National Museum of Natural History in New York […]

Scary insects for Halloween: the bloodthirsty calyptra

The Calyptra pseudobicolor Bänziger is an opportunistic feeder that has fed on the blood of agricultural animals, and even humans. Credit: United States Department of Agriculture Sometimes insects show signs of monster behavior. It’s nothing personal to us humans and let me assure you that this behavior has nothing to do with full moons or […]

Hubble telescope spots a ‘Greater Pumpkin’ in space for Halloween

As families tuck into their couches to watch Charlie Brown help his friend Linus await the Great Pumpkin this Halloween, they may be surprised to hear that NASA has already discovered a “greater pumpkin.”  Images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope show what looks remarkably like a giant jack-o’-lantern in the sky. The “pumpkin” is actually […]

A rare Halloween ‘blue moon’ will shine on trick-or-treaters tonight

If anyone is trying to wake some dark spirits, tonight’s the night. Halloween is here (Oct. 31), along with a full “blue moon” — meaning the second full moon in a single month. All Hallow’s Eve full moons are rare enough, occurring about once every 19 years. But this is the first time since 1944 […]

Go full-on mad scientist by making your own Halloween candy

Make sure you pack your fizzy candy in airtight bags so it fizzes for a long time. (Matt Taylor-Gross for Saveur /) More than seven months into the pandemic, the novel coronavirus is about to change how we celebrate Halloween. In any other year, millions of costumed children would be ringing doorbells in search of […]

How to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19

There are ways for both kids and adults to enjoy Halloween while also taking precautions against the novel coronavirus. (Pexels/) Halloween this year should have been ripe with possibilities. In 2020, the holiday will fall on a Saturday that also happens to be a full moon and the last day of daylight savings time, promising […]

13 disturbing Halloween horrors come to life

Real-life Halloween horrors Halloween is a ghoulish time of year, when people tell ghost stories about werewolves, black cats, zombies and vampires. Some of these creepy tales have leaped from the realm of the mythical into real life: humans who felt as though they were transforming into wolves, a man who not only drank his […]

History of Halloween | Live Science

Editor’s note: The COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing, meaning that Halloween 2020 must be celebrated differently compared to previous years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published helpful guidelines for celebrating Halloween and other fall holidays in ways that will keep you safe and healthy.  Parents and kids alike are gearing […]