Readers ask about life on Venus and high-energy cosmic rays

October 10, 2020 cover

Venusian recollection Phosphine gas detected in the clouds of Venus could be a sign of life or some strange unknown chemistry, Lisa Grossman reported in “Possible sign of life is found on Venus” (SN: 10/10/20 & 10/24/20, p. 6). The story brought back memories for reader Bruce Hapke, a professor of planetary science at the […]

Terrestrial Radio Signals May Suppress High-Energy Electrons

Understanding space weather, the changing behavior of plasma near Earth, is key to the safe and reliable performance of electronics on board satellites, spacecraft, and space stations. Of particular interest in this plasma are highly relativistic electrons, those with energies reaching millions of electron volts (megaelectron volts, or MeV), in the planet’s radiation […]