Experts call for more pragmatic approach to higher education teaching

A university lecture but could the standard of teaching be improved if a different approach was taken by educators? Credit: Swansea University Millions of students around the world could benefit if their educators adopted a more flexible and practical approach, say Swansea University experts. After analyzing the techniques current being used in higher education, the […]

Parasite found in cat poop linked to higher brain cancer risk in humans

Here’s another reason to cook your meat and take care around cat litter: The parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which reproduces in cats and most often spreads to humans through raw meat, may increase the risk of brain cancer in humans, a new study suggests. The researchers found a link between the presence of T. gondii antibodies […]

Large study finds higher burden of acute brain dysfunction for COVID-19 ICU patients

IMAGE: Brenda Pun, DNP, RN, Vanderbilt University Medical Center view more  Credit: Vanderbilt University Medical Center COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care in the early months of the pandemic were subject to a significantly higher burden of delirium and coma than is typically found in patients with acute respiratory failure. Choice of sedative medications and curbs […]

Transfusions with higher red blood cell levels do not improve preterm baby outcomes

IMAGE: This large, multi-center randomized clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Haresh Kirpalani of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Edward Bell of the University of Iowa, and colleagues of the Neonatal… view more  Credit: George Mason University Very low birthweight infants are at a high risk for anemia and often need blood transfusions to survive. Some […]

Higher red cell transfusion threshold offers no advantage for treating preterm infants

Very low birthweight infants often need blood transfusions to survive. A National Institutes of Health-funded study suggests that providing a higher threshold of red cells within accepted limits offers no advantage in survival or reduction in neurological impairment over a lower threshold. The research was conducted by Haresh Kirpalani, B.M., of the University of Pennsylvania, […]

Frailty is a factor in higher mortality for women awaiting liver transplants

Women awaiting liver transplants in the United States are known to be about one-third more likely than men to become too ill to undergo surgery or die before receiving a liver. Now a study headed by UC San Francisco and Columbia University highlights the role that frailty plays in this gender gap. The study followed […]

Low-income preschoolers exposed to nurturing care have with higher IQ scores later on

IMAGE: This model illustrates the proposed association between early cumulative adversities in childhood and benefits in adolescence that might be modified by nurturing care in the home; the researchers found only… view more  Credit: Reprinted from The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, , Angela C B Trude et alEffects of responsive caregiving and learning opportunities […]