After decades of work, why don’t we have an HIV vaccine?

All these tiny breaks in the case could add up over time. “I wouldn’t be surprised if in a decade we have a vaccine with 50 percent protection,” Pulendran says. (That’s on par with the flu shot.) Paired with existing stopgaps, that could be what it takes to outmaneuver the powerful germ—no sci-fi cure-alls required. […]

Warning signs over effectiveness of HIV ‘wonder drug’ in sub-Saharan Africa

Dolutegravir, the current first-line treatment for HIV, may not be as effective as hoped in sub-Saharan Africa, suggests new research published on World AIDS Day. The study finds that this so-called ‘wonder drug’ may be less effective in patients resistant to older drugs. As HIV copies itself and replicates, it can develop errors, or ‘mutations’, […]

Periodic shot prevents HIV better than daily pill in at-risk women

Worldwide, nearly half of new HIV infections among adults in 2019 occurred in women. Yet a long list of obstacles has kept many women from taking advantage of medicine that can prevent an HIV infection. Recent, promising news about a different HIV prevention regimen could help. A long-acting injection of an HIV drug given once […]

ECDC and WHO call for improved HIV testing in Europe

IMAGE: Sex between men remains the predominant mode of HIV transmission reported in the EU/EEA, accounting for 39% (9 598) of all new HIV diagnoses in 2019 and more than half… view more  Credit: ECDC The number of people living with undiagnosed HIV is increasing in the WHO European Region. According to data published today by […]

New cause of inflammation in people with HIV identified — ScienceDaily

While current antiretroviral treatments for HIV are highly effective, data has shown that people living with HIV appear to experience accelerated aging and have shorter lifespans — by up to five to 10 years — compared to people without HIV. These outcomes have been associated with chronic inflammation, which could lead to the earlier onset […]

Antiretroviral therapy can’t completely stop accelerated cell aging seen in HIV

FINDINGS Untreated HIV infection is linked with epigenetic changes that suggest rapid aging. A new study by UCLA researchers shows that antiretroviral therapy given over two years was unable to completely restore age-appropriate epigenetic patterns, leaving patients more susceptible to aging-related illnesses. BACKGROUND This is the first longitudinal study conducted to investigate the contribution of […]

New research comparing HIV medications set to change international recommendations

IMAGE: The study’s lead author, Dr. Steve Kanters, who completed the research as a PhD candidate in UBC’s School of Population and Public Health. view more  Credit: University of British Columbia A new study by UBC researchers is set to change international treatment recommendations for people who are newly diagnosed with HIV–an update that could affect […]

Does HIV hide in your brain?

Does the HIV virus live in your brain? Recent research suggest that it might. According to a study in the journal PLOS Pathogens, researchers found that HIV cells can hide in brain cells called astrocytes. Astrocytes make up about 60% of the total cells in our brain. If someone is infected with HIV, then 1% and […]