Smart Light Switches To Best Brighten (Or Dim) Your Home

If you’re looking for an attainable way to make your everyday life simpler and more convenient, search no further than smart light switches. With a range of features, these devices are relatively easy to use and install—and make an instant difference in your home. They integrate or are compatible with other smart devices or apps, […]

First magnetar flare detected from another galaxy tracked to its home

a flare from a magnetar, illustrated

For the first time, astronomers have definitively spotted a flaring magnetar in another galaxy. These ultra-magnetic stellar corpses were thought to be responsible for some of the highest-energy explosions in the nearby universe. But until this burst, no one could prove it, astronomers reported January 13 at the virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society […]

Students returning home may have caused 9,400 secondary COVID-19 infections across UK

A student infected with COVID-19 returning home from university for Christmas would, on average, have infected just less than one other household member with the virus, according to a new model devised by mathematicians at Cardiff University and published in Health Systems. Professor Paul Harper and colleagues defined an equation to predict the number of […]

Lizzie Borden’s home, site of brutal axe murders, could be yours for $2 million

The home where the 19th-century accused killer Lizzie Borden allegedly murdered her father and stepmother with a hatchet in 1892 is for sale … as a bed-and-breakfast. Borden was accused and tried of the gruesome double murders after the bodies were discovered in the house on the morning of Aug. 4, 1892, in Fall River, […]

The best laptop desks for working at home in comfort

Great spaces to work on. (Content Pixie via Unsplash/) Being able to work outside the traditional office is really a marker of how our lives have evolved. No longer are we only sitting at our desks in offices, this new freedom comes with many advantages – like, say, the ability to work full time from […]

Macrame wall hangings for every home

Although Macrame is a fiber art that has been around for hundreds of years, it’s experiencing a bit of a resurgence as the decor of choice for modern bohemian homes. The art involves the tying of decorative knots with woven textiles, with a natural greige off-white cotton yarn being the most common. Often associated with […]

The best rulers for home, office, and school

Be precise every time. (William Warby via Unsplash/) Whether you need a basic set for school or a more advanced set for professional designing – it is clear that rulers are an important tool that you don’t outgrow. It may be surprising just how many options you have when it comes to the simple ruler. […]

Geofencing can level up your smart home if you set it up properly

Why turning on the lights as you get home when your house can do it for you? ( Binyamin Mellish / Pexels/) I dream of a truly smart home. But I don’t just want light bulbs I can turn on with my phone—I want a fully automated, Tony Stark-style robot house that talks to me […]

Stuck at home? Trick your brain into treating a staycation like the real thing.

Get outside your head without leaving your house. (Unsplash/) Taking a vacation has many benefits for your body and mind. A timely getaway can lower your stress and, with it, your risk of life-threatening issues like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Even short vacations—four nights, according to one study—can significantly improve your feeling of well-being. […]

Best soundbar: immersive sound for your home entertainment center

Upgrade your sound system with a great soundbar. (Jonas Leupe via Unsplash/) It’s more affordable than ever before to take your home media viewing experience to new heights. Smart TVs abound, and with this increased availability, a whole new world of entertainment possibilities come to light. One of the easiest ways to make a drastic […]