The FCC is about to undergo a huge shift that could drastically affect the internet

Jessica Rosenworcel is the acting chairwoman of the FCC. (FCC /) On January 20th, the day of Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration, Ajit Pai stepped down from his role as Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Pai’s departure came well before the end of his current term, which was scheduled to finish in June of 2021. […]

Monitor lizards’ huge burrows shelter hundreds of small animals

sand goanna monitor lizard

Meters below the copper, sun-broiled dirt of northwestern Australia, an entire community hides in the dark. Geckos lay their eggs as centipedes and scorpions scuttle by. A snake glides deeper underground, away from the light. This subterranean menagerie is capitalizing on an old burrow, gouged into the earth by a massive lizard.  Now, a new […]

Razer’s concept gaming chair wraps players in a huge, curved screen

It’s not as elaborate as other all-in-one workstations from companies like Acer. (Razer /) Elaborate gaming chairs are a CES staple. Every year, there’s at least one—usually more—elaborate multi-monitor workstation that looks like something you’d find in a NASA training facility or in the bedroom of that one guy at work who really loves Battlestar […]

10 huge black hole findings from 2020

Physicists are currently in a golden age of new knowledge about black holes. Since 2015, researchers have been able to get signals directly from merging black holes using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), while observatories like the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) have produced the first image of a black hole’s shadow. This year was […]

Huge methane cache beneath Arctic could be unlocked by the moon

The moon could be affecting how much methane is released from the Arctic Ocean seafloor, a new study finds.  The tides, which are controlled by the moon, affect how much methane is released from seafloor sediments: Low tides mean less pressure and more methane released, while high tides create more pressure, and therefore less methane […]

Plastic waste forms huge, deadly masses in camel guts

Marcus Eriksen was studying plastic pollution in the Arabian Gulf when he met camel expert Ulrich Wernery. “[Ulrich] said, ‘You want to see plastic? Come with me.’ So we went deep into the desert,” Eriksen recalls. Before long, they spotted a camel skeleton and began to dig through sand and bones. “We unearthed this mass […]

Ecuador finds nest of huge, endangered sea turtle

The leatherback sea turtle is the world’s largest and an endangered species Conservationists in Ecuador have found a nest of endangered leatherback sea turtles, a whopper of a species that can weigh up to a tonne and be three meters (10 feet) long. Also known as the lute turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), it is the world’s […]

COVID-19 vaccine distribution’s ‘last mile’ poses huge challenges

A race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine began almost the minute the coronavirus’s genetic makeup was revealed in January. Already, two companies have announced that their vaccines appear safe and about 95 percent effective (SN: 11/18/20, SN: 11/16/20). Government regulators in the United Kingdom granted permission December 2 for emergency use of a vaccine made […]

Huge Puerto Rico radio telescope collapses; many mourning

This satellite image provided by 2020 Maxar Technologies shows the damaged radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2020. The National Science Foundation announced Thursday, Nov. 17 that it will close the huge telescope in a blow to scientists worldwide who depend on it to search for planets, asteroids and […]

T. rex had huge growth spurts, but other dinos grew ‘slow and steady’

Paleontologist Tom Cullen cutting into SUE the T. rex’s thigh bone to learn how T. rex grew. Credit: © David Evans Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs of all time—it measured up to 42 feet long from snout to tail and would have weighed in at around 16,000 pounds. And it wasn’t […]