Monitor lizards’ huge burrows shelter hundreds of small animals

sand goanna monitor lizard

Meters below the copper, sun-broiled dirt of northwestern Australia, an entire community hides in the dark. Geckos lay their eggs as centipedes and scorpions scuttle by. A snake glides deeper underground, away from the light. This subterranean menagerie is capitalizing on an old burrow, gouged into the earth by a massive lizard.  Now, a new […]

Two dead, hundreds flee floods in Philippine storm

People push a half-submerged tricycle through a flooded street in Agusan del Sur province in Mindanao At least two people were killed and hundreds forced to flee their inundated homes in the Philippines as torrential rain triggered flooding and landslides in the storm-battered archipelago, officials said Saturday. Huge waves smashed into a coastal village on […]

Hundreds of graves reveal Spanish town’s secret Muslim history

An archaeological site in northeast Spain holds one of the oldest-known Muslim cemeteries in the country, with the discovery of 433 graves, some dating back to the first 100 years of the Islamic conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.  The finds confirm that the region, along the frontier between the warring Islamic and Christian worlds in […]

Massive supercontinent will form hundreds of millions of years from now

Supercontinents — giant landmasses made up of multiple continents — could emerge again on Earth 200 million years from now, and where they form on the globe could drastically affect our planet’s climate. Scientists recently modeled this “deep future” view of Earth with a supercontinent makeover, presenting their findings Dec. 8 at the annual meeting […]

The open-source system from the 3D printer delivers high-resolution images like commercial microscopes at hundreds of times the price — ScienceDaily

Modern microscopes used for biological imaging are expensive, are located in specialized laboratories and require highly qualified staff. To research novel, creative approaches to address urgent scientific issues — for example in the fight against infectious diseases such as Covid-19 — is thus primarily reserved for scientists at well-equipped research institutions in rich countries. A […]

Mysterious ‘dark river’ may flow hundreds of miles beneath Greenland

A giant underground river fed by melting ice could be running in a state of perpetual darkness far below the surface of Greenland, according to new research. Nicknamed the ‘Dark River’, this hypothetical waterway – if it truly exists, that is – may stretch for 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), flowing from the deep interior of Greenland […]

Hundreds of new genomes help fill the bird ‘tree of life’

From gulls to grouse to grackles, more than 10,000 bird species live on this planet. Now, scientists are one step closer to understanding the evolution of all of this feathered diversity. An international team of researchers has released the genetic instruction books of 363 species of birds, including 267 genomes assembled for the first time. […]

Huge eruption of Italian volcano sends ash hundreds of feet into the air

An explosion on the slopes of Stromboli sent an avalanche of pyroclastic flow rushing down the side of the Italian volcano on Monday (Nov. 16).  The stronger-than-usual explosion was captured on cameras operated by the Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV). Imagery shared by Il Mondo dei Terremoti on Twitter shows the eruption in real-time; […]