World’s largest iceberg continues to break up off the coast of South Georgia

 The world’s (former) largest iceberg continues to break apart into smaller pieces on the doorstep of a major marine wildlife haven and home to millions of macaroni and king penguins in Antarctica.  This comes less than a week after the mammoth iceberg, known as A68a, first split in two, Live Science recently reported.  Scientists at […]

A-68A iceberg thinning at 2.5 cm per day

Keel depth of the A-68A iceberg relative to its initial shape. Credit: University of Leeds Latest images reveal that the A-68A iceberg has shattered into multiple pieces, with two large fragments of ice breaking off from the main berg and floating away in the open ocean. Scientists using satellite data have not only been monitoring […]

The world’s largest iceberg has just broken in two

The world’s largest iceberg has just broken in two, with a chunk of ice about the size of Queens and the Bronx combined splitting off from the main berg. The mammoth A-68a berg first split from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf in 2017,  Live Science previously reported. The giant hunk of ice has been drifting […]

The world’s largest iceberg is on a collision course with an Antarctic penguin refuge

The world’s largest iceberg may be on a collision course with a wildlife haven in the South Atlantic Ocean, researchers at the British Antarctic Society (BAS) reported. If the gargantuan berg becomes grounded near South Georgia island (a British overseas territory and one of the South Sandwich Islands), it could crush animals and block off […]