Modeling the Cascading Infrastructure Impacts of Climate Change

With wildfires burning across the West, hurricanes intensifying in the Southeast, and sea levels rising along nearly every coastline, it has become clear that the United States must adapt its infrastructure to handle increasingly frequent and intense climate shocks. But adaptation is complicated by the fact that links between different infrastructure systems can […]

Scientists develop model to identify best lentils for climate change impacts

USask plant scientist Kirstin Bett. Credit: Debra Marshall Photography With demand for lentils growing globally and climate change driving temperatures higher, a University of Saskatchewan-led international research team has developed a model for predicting which varieties of the pulse crop are most likely to thrive in new production environments. An inexpensive plant-based source of protein […]

Traces of Impacts on Warm Planetesimals Early in Solar System

The early solar system was a violent place dominated by collisions of newly formed bodies. These newly formed bodies were heated by powerful but short-lived radioactive decay of now-extinct isotopes like 26Al. Insight about these early times comes mainly from the study of primitive ancient meteorites. However, few of them have survived to […]