New analysis highlights importance of groundwater discharge into oceans

IMAGE: Coastal groundwater discharge can sometimes be seen at low tide as rivulets flowing into the ocean, as on this beach on Oahu. A global assessment found groundwater discharge plays a… view more  Credit: Jenny Bernier An invisible flow of groundwater seeps into the ocean along coastlines all over the world. Scientists have tended to disregard […]

New research highlights the importance of the thymus in successful pregnancies

IMAGE: Magdalena Paolino, assistant professor and team leader at the Department of Medicine Solna, Karolinska Institutet. view more  Credit: Ragnar Söderberg Foundation How the immune system adapts to pregnancies has puzzled scientists for decades. Now, findings from an international group of researchers, led by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, reveal important changes that occur in […]

Women Who Lead Episode 7: The importance of taking risks and pursuing feedback

Women Who Lead Episode 7: The importance of taking risks and pursuing feedback. Episode 7 of Women Who Lead meets Cynthia Burkhardt, the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Philips. Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires the courage to face the fear of uncertainty. No matter the outcome, either way, we grow through the process […]

Plant research seals importance of microbes for survival and growth

Scientists have revealed that plants have a ‘sealing’ mechanism supported by microbes in the root that are vital for the intake of nutrients for survival and growth. Plant Scientists from the Future Food Beacon at the University of Nottingham have demonstrated that the mechanism controlling the root sealing in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana influences […]

The Importance of Wind for the Fate of Volcanic Eruption Columns

The fate of volcanic eruptive columns (collapsing versus buoyant regime) is a complex issue in physical volcanology and represents a major hazard related to volcanoes. Column dynamics depends on a large number of variables, most of which are still poorly constrained. Michaud‐Dubuy et al. [2020] shed new light on some of those variables […]

Women Who Lead Episode 6: Imposter Syndrome & the Importance of Vulnerability

Women Who Lead Episode 6 is here: Imposter Syndrome & the Importance of Vulnerability. This episode interviews Martine Zimmerman. Martine is a Pharmaceuticals Director, with 25 years of experience in drug development and Regulatory affairs in all sectors: (NCE, vaccines, biotechnology) and for all regions of the world: USA, Europe, Japan rest of the world. […]

Skin pigment properties and the importance of heterogeneity

Computational chemistry is key to understanding the unusual properties of eumelanin. Image credit: Clay Banks on Unsplash Melanin is one of the most common bio-pigments and eumelanin forms the class of melanin that is brownish/black in color. Eumelanin is well known for its extreme photo-absorption properties across all wavelengths of UV and visible light and […]

The Importance of Workplace Diversity in Life Sciences

Diversity in the workplace is one of the hottest topics in boardrooms these days and the life sciences industry isn’t exempt. Although most people don’t deny that there are many benefits to creating a respectful and inclusive workplace atmosphere, many organisations are still struggling with the implementation of diversity plans. Yet, despite the potential problems, […]