Increasing ocean temperature threatens Greenland’s ice sheet — ScienceDaily

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have for the first time quantified how warming coastal waters are impacting individual glaciers in Greenland’s fjords. Their work is the subject of a study published recently in Science Advances. Working under the auspices of the Oceans Melting Greenland mission for the past […]

New coronavirus variant in California is increasing in prevalence

 A worrisome coronavirus variant is being found in more and more outbreaks in California — including a large outbreak in San Jose in which an air-powered Christmas tree costume led to 90 infections, according to news reports.  Scientists don’t know yet whether the variant, called L452R, is more transmissible than other strains of SARS-CoV-2, the […]

Blood pressure drug may be key to increasing lifespan, new study shows

IMAGE: Scientists found that C. elegans administered metolazone lived longer than those that were not given the drug. This suggests that metolazone, despite being an anti-hypertension drug, can be used in… view more  Credit: Eriko Kage-Nakadai, Osaka City University Since time immemorial, people have been fascinated by ways to stop aging. Nearly every culture has stories […]

These illegal drugs are the fastest-growing group of new psychoactive substances and an increasing source of overdoses — ScienceDaily

Made in clandestine laboratories and sold widely across the United States, the diverse class of drugs known as synthetic cannabinoids presents a growing public health threat. In a new study, Scripps Research scientists have devised a way to deactivate these designer drugs after they’ve been administered — offering a potential path for treating addiction and […]

Increasing diversity and community participation in environmental engineering

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Black, Hispanic, and Native American students and faculty are largely underrepresented in environmental engineering programs in the United States. A pathway for increasing diversity and community participation in the environmental engineering discipline is proposed in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Engineering Science. “As a community, environmental engineering professors must examine all aspects […]

Social distancing is increasing loneliness in older adults

IMAGE: Professor Anna Whittaker view more  Credit: University of Stirling Social distancing introduced in response to COVID-19 is increasing feelings of loneliness in Scotland’s older population and impacting their wellbeing, according to a new University of Stirling study. The research has identified a link between increases in loneliness in over 60s and the worsening of wellbeing […]

Increasing the efficiency of organic solar cells — ScienceDaily

Organic solar cells are cheaper to produce and more flexible than their counterparts made of crystalline silicon, but do not offer the same level of efficiency or stability. A group of researchers led by Prof. Christoph Brabec, Director of the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (i-MEET) at the Chair of Materials Science […]