Fujifilm’s new infrared camera can see things your eyes can’t

Fujifilm’s infrared camera is in only for specific customers. (Fujifilm/) Fujifilm released its $9,999 GFX100 digital camera for professional photographers last year. The sensor inside is considerably larger than a typical pro-grade “full-frame” DSLR, which provides enough room for 100 total megapixels of resolution. Beyond that, Fujifilm recently added a Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode, which […]

Laser technology: New trick for infrared laser pulses

IMAGE: Gottfried Strasser, Benedikt Schwarz, Johannes Hillbrand and Nikola Opacak view more  Credit: TU Wien Ordinary solid-state lasers, as used in laser pointers, generate light in the visible range. For many applications, however, such as the detection of molecules, radiation in the mid-infrared range is needed. Such infrared lasers are much more difficult to manufacture, especially […]

This blind rhino’s infrared security system could help stop poachers

Munu, a blind black rhino in South Africa, is protected with a series of thermal security cameras. (Kyle Torrens/) When conservationist and White Lion Foundation director Brett Barlow took in a blind black rhinoceros that had been found wandering through the South African bush in 2019, he did so knowing that the animal would need […]

Perspectives of infrared spectroscopy in quantitative estimation of proteins

Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is a frequently used technique for the structural analysis of simple and complex molecules. It has wide applications in both the qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins in different samples. The technique provides a clear picture of primary, secondary or tertiary structure of a protein to biochemists. Infrared radiation is useful in […]