New report finds global health research infrastructure imperiled by COVID-19

The strong foundation of global health research and development (R&D) that greatly accelerated the development of COVID-19 innovations is now being weakened by pandemic pressures that are diverting funding and expertise away from other dangerous diseases and putting clinical trials and scientific endeavors around the world on indefinite hold. That’s a key conclusion of a […]

Torrential Rains and Poor Forecasts Sink Panama’s Infrastructure

December 2010 was the wettest month on record in Panama. So much rain fell so quickly that flooding was widespread across the country. One storm on 7–8 December of that year affected water intake at the Chilibre water treatment plant, leaving Panama City—the capital and largest city in the country—without clean water for […]

Modeling the Cascading Infrastructure Impacts of Climate Change

With wildfires burning across the West, hurricanes intensifying in the Southeast, and sea levels rising along nearly every coastline, it has become clear that the United States must adapt its infrastructure to handle increasingly frequent and intense climate shocks. But adaptation is complicated by the fact that links between different infrastructure systems can […]

How Infrastructure Standards Miss the Mark on Snowmelt

California’s Oroville Dam holds back a reservoir that provides water for 23 million people. In February 2017, rainstorms doused the area and filled the reservoir beyond its normal capacity. Excess water was released through the main spillway, but the structure failed, and 188,000 people living downstream evacuated to avoid potential floods. Several factors […]

Climate change undermines the safety of buildings and infrastructure in Europe

IMAGE: Mean temperature anomaly for DJF (December-January-February) and JJA (June-July-August) seasons under the concentration scenarios RCP4.5 (first row) and RCP8.5 (second row); 2056-2085 vs 1971-2000. Data processing by DATACLIME…. view more  Credit: We acknowledge the World Climate Research Programme’s Working Group on Regional Climate, and the Working Group on Coupled Modelling. We thank the climate modelling […]