Insect invaders threaten Rome’s iconic pines

Rome’s umbrella pine trees are under threat from a tiny insect called the pine tortoise scale Rome’s majestic umbrella pines are as much part of the landscape as the ruins and cobbled streets, but they are under threat from a tiny insect invader—the pine tortoise scale. “If we do nothing, the pines of Rome will […]

Danish Mayfly named 2021 insect of the year

This undated photo provided by the ‘Senckenberg Institute’ shows a ‘Danish Mayfly’. The Danish Mayfly has been selected by a German entomological society as the Insect of the Year for 2021, but won’t have long to celebrate its 15 minutes of fame. The insect, whose scientific name is Ephemera danica, only has a few days […]

200 ‘murder hornet’ queens found inside first US nest of this invasive insect

Entomologists in Washington state may have destroyed a “murder hornet” nest in the nick of time, preventing as many as 200 new queens from establishing new nests.  The nest, the first ever discovered in the United States, was destroyed on Oct. 24. State Department of Agriculture employees vacuumed the invasive hornets from the nest and […]

Meet the tsetse fly, the supermom of the insect world

Tsetse flies, which miraculously birth young bigger than the mother, show us what science is about. Image credit: Lee Haines et al. 2020 Across most of the animal kingdom, offspring are born smaller than their parents. Astonishingly, several families of insects, including tsetse flies, break this simple rule, and mothers produce offspring their own size […]