A growth mindset of interest can spark innovative thinking — ScienceDaily

From climate change to the ongoing pandemic and beyond, the issues facing today’s world are increasingly complex and dynamic. Yet solving problems like these — which interweave social, environmental, physical, and political factors — requires new approaches that extend beyond traditional ways of thinking. It requires people to draw upon and integrate seemingly disparate areas […]

High achievement cultures may kill students’ interest in math — especially for girls

A new study in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that high national math achievement combined with societal pressures may contribute to how well girls and boys like math. Past research has shown that achievement-driven cultures frequently correlate with less enthusiasm for learning subjects like math. This study of over 500,000 eighth graders from 50 countries is […]

Growing interest in Moon resources could cause tension

New research indicates that limited resources on Earth’s satellite could cause crowding and competition as site selection, extraction become reality. Image credit: NASA An international team of scientists led by the Center for Astrophysics |Harvard & Smithsonian, has identified a problem with the growing interest in extractable resources on the moon: there aren’t enough of […]

Conflicts in kindergarten can reduce children’s interest in reading and math

Teacher-perceived conflict predicts lower interest and pre-academic skills in math and literacy among kindergarteners, a new study from Finland shows. Kindergarten represents a crucial context in which children develop school-related skills and patterns of engagement that form the basis for the development of later competencies important for academic success. Kindergarten achievement has been found to […]