Strategic interventions in dairy production in developing countries can help meet growing global demand for milk

IMAGE: Projected volumes of milk (ECM, International Energy Corrected Milk) that will be produced by region in 2030 and percentage increase over 2017 levels (International Farm Comparison Network, IFCN, 2018) CIS… view more  Credit: Adesogan, A.T. and G.E. Dahl. 2020. MILK Symposium Introduction: Dairy production in developing countries. J. Dairy Sci. 103:9677-9680. Philadelphia, October 15, […]

Easy interventions like revamping forms help people show up to court

Imagine a police officer charging a man with disorderly conduct and issuing a citation for him to appear in court. The man stuffs the slip in his wallet, where it’s soon forgotten. Then, a year later, he’s pulled over for speeding, and learns that his failure to appear in court has resulted in a warrant […]