Researchers invent an optical convolutional neural network accelerator for machine learning — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the George Washington University, together with researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the deep-tech venture startup Optelligence LLC, have developed an optical convolutional neural network accelerator capable of processing large amounts of information, on the order of petabytes, per second. This innovation, which harnesses the massive parallelism of light, heralds […]

Physicists invent printable superconducting device

Credit: Leiden Institute of Physics Superconducting devices such as SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interferometry Device) can perform ultra-sensitive measurements of magnetic fields. Leiden physicsts invented a method to 3-D-print these and other superconducting devices in minutes. “Fabricating superconducting devices on a computer chip is a multi-step and demanding procedure, requiring dedicated facilities,” says Kaveh Lahabi, a […]

Sensor experts invent supercool mini thermometer — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have invented a miniature thermometer with big potential applications such as monitoring the temperature of processor chips in superconductor-based quantum computers, which must stay cold to work properly. NIST’s superconducting thermometer measures temperatures below 1 Kelvin (minus 272.15 ?C or minus 457.87 ?F), down to […]

NUS researchers invent flexible and highly reliable sensor

IMAGE: Flexible TRACE sensor patches can be placed on the skin to measure blood flow in superficial arteries. view more  Credit: National University of Singapore Real-time health monitoring and sensing abilities of robots require soft electronics, but a challenge of using such materials lie in their reliability. Unlike rigid devices, being elastic and pliable makes their […]