First life could have evolved on ancient islands

  The first life on Earth could have evolved in warm pools of water on islands speckling a vast, planet-wide ocean. The oldest confirmed life on Earth is  3.5 billion years old, only a billion years after the planet formed. Traces of possible life have also been found in rocks dating back 3.7 billion years […]

Amid pandemic, Pacific islands work to offset food shortages

This July 2020 photo provided by Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture shows staff members of the Suva Christian School, Louisa John, left, and her colleague working in their garden in Suva, Fiji. Coronavirus infections have barely touched many of the remote islands of the Pacific, but the pandemic’s fallout has been enormous, disrupting the supply chain […]

An enormous supervolcano may be hiding under Alaskan islands

A mysterious, previously undiscovered supervolcano may be lurking beneath Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. A new study suggests a wide crater, created when the supervolcano exploded, connects at least four existing volcanoes. It’s so big that if the supervolcano erupted during the last few thousand years, it could have disrupted civilizations around the world, says John Power, […]

Lost islands beneath the North Sea survived a mega-tsunami 8,000 years ago

Some ancient islands now submerged beneath the North Sea survived a devastating tsunami about 8,000 years ago and may have played a key part in Britain’s human prehistory, according to a new study. The research suggests some parts of the ancient plain known as Doggerland — which connected Great Britain with the Netherlands — withstood […]

Ancient humans may have reached remote Japanese islands deliberately

Long ago, ancient mariners successfully navigated a perilous ocean journey to arrive at Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, a new study suggests. Archaeological sites on six of these isles — part of a 1,200-kilometer-long chain — indicate that migrations to the islands occurred 35,000 to 30,000 years ago, both from the south via Taiwan and from the […]

Offshore submarine freshwater discovery raises hopes for islands worldwide — ScienceDaily

Twice as much freshwater is stored offshore of Hawai’i Island than was previously thought, according to a University of Hawai’i study with important implications for volcanic islands around the world. An extensive reservoir of freshwater within the submarine southern flank of the Hualālai aquifer has been mapped by UH researchers with the Hawai’i EPSCoR ‘Ike […]

By Land or Sea: How Did Mammals Get to the Caribbean Islands?

This work is dedicated to the memory of Gilles Merzeraud, who passed away on 30 October 2020. As a colleague and as a friend, he was a key figure of the GAARAnti team. The islands of the West Indies—comprising the Greater Antilles, Bahamas, and Lesser Antilles—feature remarkable biodiversity, with species mainly having originated […]