The team will gather information in Africa on zoonotic diseases that can jump from animals to humans, like COVID-19 and HIV — ScienceDaily

A University of Arkansas biologist is part of a global team of researchers developing a strategy to detect and intercept diseases emerging from wildlife in Africa that could eventually infect humans. Assistant professor Kristian Forbes, along with colleagues from Africa, Europe and North America, have proposed a four-part approach to detect and contain zoonotic diseases, […]

Amazon fires cause Brazil’s CO2 emissions to jump amid pandemic

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Forest fires have sent carbon dioxide emissions soaring in Brazil over the past two years, undermining efforts by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to restore the country’s environmental credentials. Emissions jumped 10% in 2019, Bolsonaro’s first year in office, following a decade of small declines or stagnation, according to a […]

COVID-19 doesn’t have to jump from mother to newborn

During one of the worst periods in New York City’s COVID-19 wave when precautions were observed, babies were unlikely to catch the virus from their birth parent. (Pexels/) When the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, the American Association of Pediatrics and several other organizations recommended that hospitals separate birth parents who were positive for […]