Covering faces around kids won’t mask emotions

IMAGE: Kids were able to correctly identify emotions on faces displaying (from left) sadness, anger and fear even when they were covered by a surgical mask. view more  Credit: Image courtesy Ashley Ruba. MADISON — The proliferation of face coverings to keep COVID-19 in check isn’t keeping kids from understanding facial expressions, according to a new […]

Covering faces around kids won’t mask emotions — ScienceDaily

The proliferation of face coverings to keep COVID-19 in check isn’t keeping kids from understanding facial expressions, according to a new study by University of Wisconsin-Madison psychologists. It’s easiest to understand the emotions of the people around you by taking in all the hints they’re dropping, on purpose or otherwise. Yet when people cover some […]

The best coding toys for kids

If your youngster is already interested in computers (and other mobile gadgetry), now is the perfect time to seek out the best coding toys for kids. There are myriad apps, toys and games available to teach coding skills to children of all ages and jumpstart those future techie careers. These days, though, the sheer variety […]

With no pedals, Specialized’s ultralight kid’s bike makes learning to ride easy

The Hotwalk Carbon weighs 4.6 pounds. (Specialized /) The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a well-documented surge in bike buying. By one measurement, retail sales of bicycles are up 68 percent this year as of October, compared to 2019, according to NPD, a market research firm. Sales of kid’s bikes did something similar, the group estimates: […]

The best science kit gifts for kids

If you’ve got a little scientist on your hands, look no further for the best science kits this holiday season. Live Science has gathered a group of the most incredible science kits you can buy right now. Is your kid fascinated by the weather? There’s a science kit for that. Do they want to know […]

Kids’ TV teaching children wrong lessons about pain — ScienceDaily

Children engrossed in popular kids’ TV programmes such as Peppa Pig, or films like Toy Story or Frozen, are exposed to up to nine incidents of pain for every hour of TV watched, according to new research from psychologists. A new study — published today [Wednesday 2 December 2020] in the international journal Pain from […]

Best microscopes for kids 2020

If your curious kid is already developing a fascination for science (and exploring the world around them), having their own microscope opens the door for all kinds of fun experiments — from inspecting backyard flora to scrutinizing itty-bitty bugs. Let’s go exploring! What are the best microscopes for kids? At the top of our list […]

Best Black Friday board game deals for kids who love science

Research has shown that play is not just an big part of a child’s development but also their education. Simple yet creative STEM toys such as building blocks are ideal for early development, but for older children (ages 8 and up), more complex games that require following rules, counting spaces and reading playing cards are […]

Best binoculars for kids 2020

Whether your child is curious enough to start an amateur bird-watching hobby, or they are intent on looking at anything outdoors up-close, the right binoculars will keep them wide-eyed with wonder for days on end.  What are the best binoculars for kids? The best binoculars for kids, we found, are part of the Explorer Kit […]