Killing cancer by unleashing the body’s own immune system — ScienceDaily

The body’s immune system is the first line of defense against infections like bacteria, viruses or cancers. Some cancers, however, have developed the art of molecular deception to avoid destruction by the body’s immune system. However, a University of Missouri researcher might have found a new way to help the body’s immune system get past […]

Rare footage captured of jaguar killing ocelot at waterhole

PULLMAN, Wash. – In what may be a sign of climate-change-induced conflict, researchers have captured rare photographic evidence of a jaguar killing another predatory wild cat at an isolated waterhole in Guatemala. In the footage, a male jaguar arrives near the waterhole and apparently lies in wait for an hour. It lets a potentially dangerous […]

Wolves alter wetland creation and recolonization by killing ecosystem engineers

Beavers, one of nature’s most prolific ecosystem engineers, can be a substantial summer food source for wolves in many boreal ecosystems. By killing beavers, wolves alter wetland creation and recolonization patterns in boreal ecosystems, and in turn, all of the important ecological processes associated with beaver-created wetlands. Credit: Voyageurs Wolf Project. Beavers are some of […]

Powerful earthquake strikes near Turkey’s coast, killing at least 14

A powerful earthquake struck in the Aegean Sea earlier today (Oct. 30), causing nearly 20 buildings in Turkey’s coastal city of Izmir to collapse and killing at least 14 people, including two in Greece. The earthquake struck at 2:51 pm local time in Turkey today (Oct. 30), 16.5 kilometers  (10.3 miles) deep and 10.5 miles […]

Quake strikes Turkish coast and Greek island, killing 14

Rescue workers and local people carry a wounded person found in the debris of a collapsed building, in Izmir, Turkey, Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, after a strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea has shaken Turkey and Greece. Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said Friday’s earthquake was centered in the Aegean at a depth of […]