Getting to the bottom of Arctic landslides

Erosion of the frozen soil of Arctic regions, known as permafrost, is creating large areas of subsidence, which has catastrophic impact in these regions sensitive to climate change. As the mechanisms behind these geological events are poorly understood, researchers from the Géosciences Paris Sud (GEOPS) laboratory (CNRS / Université Paris-Saclay), in cooperation with the Melnikov […]

A Slippery Slope: Could Climate Change Lead to More Landslides?

On 10 August 2020, the Grizzly Creek Fire started to sweep through the steep, wooded slopes of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. Sparks from a vehicle traveling along Interstate 70 are believed to be the cause of the raging forest fire. The fire blazed into October, shutting down the major interstate through the Rocky […]

Simple Actions Can Help People Survive Landslides

Certain actions increase the chance of surviving a devastating landslide, and simple behavioral changes could save more lives than expensive engineering solutions, according to a new study in AGU’s journal GeoHealth. In the study, Pollock and Wartman compiled and analyzed a data set of landslide events from around the world that affected occupied […]