The Deepest Layers of the South-West Atlantic Ocean are Warming

The oceans take up roughly 90 per cent of the heat absorbed by the Earth. Hence it is no surprise that significant warming trends have been observed in the mid to intermediate depths of the ocean over the past few decades consistent with a warming climate. However, detection of significant warming trends of the deep […]

How Long Does Iron Linger in the Ocean’s Upper Layers?

Iron is in our blood, our buildings, and our biomes. In our oceans, iron has helped regulate global climate by sustaining carbon-catching phytoplankton. However, current environmental models have difficulty pinning down the relationship between climate and marine iron cycling because they have little data to go on. In new research, Black et al. […]

Sediment Layers Pinpoint Periods of Climatic Change

Just a few tens of thousands of years ago—a blink in geologic time—ice sheets covered a wide swath of the planet. Researchers have now determined precisely the cadence at which one of those ice masses retreated and disgorged icebergs into the Pacific Ocean, events that likely triggered substantial climatic changes. Extinct Ice The […]